Case 1 – Primate Problems

Donor – Richard Benfield

Submission for the most unusual reason as to why someone was unable to give blood.So Mr Paul Hersey and I set off for the blood donor clinic after work last night.  We both cycled to the clinic and this immediately caused use to be placed in the ‘query/unsuitable’ bucket as we were both
first time donors/not donated for 10+ years and you are not supposed to perform any ‘streneous’ activities pre or post the blood being sucked out.


Anyway we smiled at the lady and got the forms to fill out.  There were several questions about whether you have spent extended time outside the UK – particularly in Africa and South America, so I had to tick these and just hope that it didnt put me even further into the ‘query/unsuitable’ bucket.  There was also a ‘catch all’ question asking whether you have v…isited hospital for anything…we both ticked it, although, thankfully, I have never been to hospital for anything serious so didnt think anything of it…I was then quizzed about the answers to my questions and a lot of detailed notes were taken about my time in Africa and South America, however she seemed happy with my answers…then the nurse asked what I had been to hospital for previously.  The last time was about 6 years ago and that was all that came to mind so I told her: I had been on holiday in Ecuador and, whilst on a trek in the Amazon, a monkey had jumped on my back and, ultimately, bitten me on the arse!!  I had to go to hospital to get rabies shots…  The nurse got up and said she had to speak to another nurse…after about 10 minutes a different nurse came in and informed me that I was unable to give blood because a monkey had bitten me on the arse…’but it was 6 years ago’ i protested ‘if i was going to get rabies i would be foaming at the mouth right now’…then she showed me the ruling…which basically says that anyone that has been bitten by a non-human primate is never able to give blood, ever!  Ridiculous.Luckily Paul Hersey passed all checks and had blood taken so i asked them to squeeze an extra pint out of his arm to cover my contribution…this did result in Paul looking rather pale, but I think it was worth it!Anyway, more to the point, do I win the most unusual reason as to why someone was unable to donate blood?!?  Is the prize home-made sausage rolls?…i like sausage rolls…

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