Sausage and Bacon – Round 2

After spending most of the early hours preparing my strategy for today’s breakfast, I awoke with a focused goal and a clear mind.

THE PLAN… Go to the canteen before seeing Sara and order 2 sausage and bacon baps – hope she can only manage a half (as then its 1 and a half for me), but be pleased if she manages a whole bap as it means her appetite is improving.

The plan was apparent and I left in the car with a clear goal in site, and the chance the level the scores 1-1.

HOWEVER… on the way I receive a text message from Sara…

She said ‘I’ve just had a banana, but could probably manage a hash brown’.

I thought “A hash brown, a hash bloody brown… where has this request come from??… There goes my element of surprise.”

I went into a cold sweat and quickly had to formulate a new plan.

THE CANTEEN… I now arrived in the canteen with my element of surprise gone and no real decision made as to what delights to bring up for breakfast…

Canteen lady ‘What can I get you dear?’
Pure panic sets in…
I said ‘Urmmm, 1 bacon and sausage bap, 2 sausages and 4 hash browns.’
Canteen lady ‘do you want a take away box?’
I said ‘yes please’.

Not ideal, but under pressure I did well.  Also she didn’t see the 2 bonus sausages hidden under the hash browns at the till.  Very pleased with my little transaction I head to the room – job done.

IN THE ROOM…I enter the room spritely as ever…

I said ‘Breakfast in bed princess’.
She said ‘is this all for me?’

I thought “OH MY GOD…. What have I done??  There’s only 1 box, she thinks its all for her.  The situation has completely turned, I’m going to have to ask to share with her, but will she share with me?? I’m not even ill.  Stay cool let her talk…

I said ‘What would you like?’
She says ‘Shall we share?’

I thought “that wasn’t the plan, she only wanted 1 hash brown, and I brought her 4 hash browns and 2 bonus sausages.  At worst I was expecting a whole sandwich and some scraps because she only wanted 1 hash brown.”

I said ‘that sounds nice’.

IN THE END… She only managed half a sandwich, 2 hash browns and half a sausage, so it was still a good ‘share’.  But in refection there never should have been a ‘sharing option’, tomorrow 2 boxes – a clear definition of whose is whose.

SYNOPSIS… So in summary a clear strategy is not always the best option; more focus is needed on the clarity of the ‘on the spot’ decisions tomorrow.  But some kind of strategy is needed; we don’t want a repeat of round 1.  I was out played again today – so it’s Sara 2-0 Joe.  Massive day tomorrow, don’t think I can come back from 3-0 down… but 2-1, I can work with that, one step at a time.

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