Sausage and Bacon – Round 3

MONDAY EVENING… As I was leaving on Monday night I couldn’t stop thinking about the next morning’s breakfast…

I said ‘What would you like for breakfast?’
She said ‘I’m fine with weetabix, we’ve had a lot of fried breakfasts’

So in an uneventful breakfast I ate weetabix at home wondering whether it was another trick.  Sara tucked into her soggy weetabix in hospital – so we met after breakfast, both wondering why we had chosen weetabix with sausage, bacon and hash browns available downstairs.

THE RESULT… It was a disappointing scoreless draw.  So it’s still Sara 2-0 Joe.  However it’s given me time to reflect and a new battle ground has been established.  Tomorrow, I continue with the element of surprise back in place, having lost the battle for breakfast but move my attention to BRUNCH – Bravo!

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