Sausage and Bacon – Round 4

THE BRUNCH PLAN… With Sara’s appetite improving I knew there was a chance at a ‘second breakfast’ or ‘Brunch’ option.  With this option the element of surprise was strongly in my corner again, also with her appetite still being low it would guarantee a good feed for me.
However with the experience of the last few days I realised the element of surprise alone may not be enough.  Therefore I backed this up, as many do in a crisis, I baked!

THE MORNING… I woke early with pure clarity and a tried and tested recipe of my own – Sausage rolls with thyme, onion and honey chutney.  I’d got over my previous mistake on my last ‘bake off’ when I switched the oven to grill instead of bake – although I still managed to save the sausage rolls, I wouldn’t be repeating that mistake.
I’d already explained I’d be late, as I had a meeting with the bank, so the trap was set and I could go about my work.  Pastry rolled, chutney cooking nicely on the hob, sausage meat seasoned and ready.  In the oven, 35 minutes, out they come, great result!

THE HOSPITAL… I arrive at the hospital, sausage rolls still hot from the oven…

I thought “this is in the bag before I even get there.  12 individual portions, still warm – everyone is a winner”.  I walk into the room…

I said ‘Well hello, how are you feeling today?’
She said ‘they’ve already taken my staples out’
I placed the box on the side…
I said ‘Brilliant, did it hurt?’
She said ‘No it was ok, what have you got there?’
I said ‘Oh, I’ve just been doing a bit of baking’

Then I spotted the sick bowls by her bed…

I said ‘What are those for?’
She said ‘I was feeling a bit sick earlier, but I’m ok now.  What have you made?’
I said ‘I’ve made you some sausage rolls for brunch’
She said ‘Oh lovely, but I’m not really hungry at the moment’

Now there’s a problem.  I only cut the end of one piece before I left home, as I was expecting to be straight into the box when I arrived at the hospital, like a pig in a trough.  However, the problem now is that I can’t really have a sausage roll as she’s not hungry and she’s ill… but they did mention the ‘HOME’ word today, surely I can have one?

She said ‘Go ahead and tuck in’

HALLELUIAH!!!! This time I was ready, my brain went straight into eat mode, no time to think whether it was one of her dirty tricks.  1, 2 and 3 straight down no talking.  With still 9 left I could relax, if she wanted 1 they were there to be eaten.  But also knowing that there was no chance of her eating all 9 – 3 at most (but even that’s unlikely).  I’ll be nicely grazing on sausage rolls all day – mission complete.

SYNOPSIS… Today my plan worked – Sara 2-1 Joe.  It was more effort than I would have liked, but all parties gained from the experience.  Tomorrow is a massive day; with the ‘H’ word looming it could be my last chance… However I have 1 trump card left to play.  Tomorrow will be spectacular!

Copyright Blood 4 Bella 2012