Sausage and Bacon – Round 1

I asked Sara this morning if she wanted anything from the canteen…

She said ‘no I’m not really hungry’.

So I went down and brought up one bacon and sausage bap.

She said ‘what have you got there?’

I said ‘sausage and bacon’.

she said ‘oh yeah’.

I thought…

“she wants some of this… but I only bought one, I quite happily would of bought two, but she said she didn’t want anything… but she isn’t well so I should share… should I share??”


I said ‘would you like some?’

She said ‘no, you have it’.


I thought…

“I’ve played this game before, when ordering puddings when out for a meal – tear it in half and give her some before you get in big trouble”.

I said ‘there you go Sara, see if this is better than the cold weetabix’

She said ‘oh thanks, you’re a star’


I thought…

“Well played – although your still a little bit hungry, you did the best with the cards you were dealt. Note to self – tomorrow bring up two bacon and sausage baps, then if she can only manage a half, you get one and a half bacon and sausage baps…

I said ‘result!’

She said ‘what are you talking about’

I said ‘Just looking forward to tomorrow, one day at a time’

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