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Good morning everyone.  I just wanted to let you know how overwhelming all your support has been for Sara and Bella. Sara and Bella
now have a room together and fell asleep holding hands last night. Sara still needs a lot of care, and having Bella next to her gives her a big lift, but then a very big low soon after. She is still very ill but we are taking one step at a time.

Again thank you so much for your kind words and support.

Joe xx


After a horrific night last night – thanks to one completely heartless, rude, un professional individual night nurse who sapped all the
confidence Sara had built up over the last few days – Sara had an amazing day today.

Anyway, Sara is wire free today. They removed her liver drain from her stomach area and the last drips from her wrist. She was up on
her feet and walked to the shower room. I did a very poor job of blow drying and styling her hair. She’s on the protein shakes and managed to hold Isabella unaided.

Isabella is out of special care, taking milk every 3 hours, and sleeping solidly between feeds – a little gem! They’re back together
tonight and looking fabulous. She pooed on my hand and wee’d in her own face, so we really need Sara to get better as soon as possible!

Again, the support for us has been overwhelming, and to those who have donated, or are going to, thank you so much and be brave.

Joe, Sara, and Isabella xxx



Let me clarify what I said last night – the whole NHS journey has been remarkable. The level of care and attention I will never be able to thank them for. They have been a massive help in Sara regaining her confidence. The one blip – the nightmare nurse – is in the past and will be dealt with. Its very cheesy, but, truly we’ve seen the NHS at its best.

Good luck to all those donating tonight. It’s like the nerves before your driving test – but you also getting the massive satisfaction
afterwards of potentially saving someone’s life – its definitely worth it!

Joe, Sara and Isabella xxx


Sara’s had another good day and gaining confidence all the time. We had some encouraging reports from the physiotherapist and hopefully
her stitches will be coming out tomorrow or Saturday. Isabella is still behaving herself and is sleeping and feeding regularly – no poo or wee issues

We had an emotional afternoon after a visit from one of the surgeons and a health care nurse from the first night in Glan Clwyd. They
explained the whole operation and how teams of people who hadn’t worked together before bonded to keep Sara alive. There were 19 people working solidly for 8 hours, using over 50 units of donated blood. The obstetricians stayed on through the whole surgery – they would normally move aside after the baby had been delivered. Consultants were called in from all over the hospital – a truly epic effort.

One very special story was the care nurse who spent 7 and a half hours running up and down corridors carrying donated blood. She had
blisters all over her chest where her bra had been rubbing, and lost half a stone. Police cars were shuttling blood from hospitals in Liverpool
and Wrexham throughout the night.

Again all I can do is thank those that were involved that night and the days that have followed, and reiterate how special all you ‘Blood
4 Bella’ donors are. We are so lucky to have such caring friends and family.

Joe, Sara and Isabella, x


After a good night sleep Sara woke full of energy and ready to tackle the day. A lot of thanks to the night nurse who sat and stroked her
arm until she fell asleep – they all think she is incredible. She walked to the shower, and today blow dried and styled her hair herself.

She’s doing an amazing job with her medication. The pain relief she was taking every hour 2 days ago she has now cut to having every 5
hours. Tomorrow she will be hopefully changing her medication down again to what a woman who had undergone a normal c-section would be taking on day 1.

A bit of bad news regarding the staples, as they’ll have to stay in until Thursday, but a very small blip in another excellent day.

It was an eventful day with Isabella. We tried the naked photo of her on my forearm, and surprise surprise she wee’d all over my arm -
I’m sure she was smiling, but they say its wind at this age, I’m not so convinced.

We don’t know how many steps we have left to take, but every day is a step towards the ultimate goal of getting my girls home.

Joe, Sara and Isabella, x


I feel like I’m getting repetitive, but Sara has surpassed herself again.

Today we had our first family outing. After 11 days behind closed doors, Sara eventually got to go out into the open air – what a day.
With Isabella in a papoose on my chest and Sara in a wheelchair leading the way, we headed out into the elements. It was lovely to just sit in the sun together as a family.

Her change in medication has gone really well too, so looking forward soon to getting it to a controllable level to take her home.

Isabella finished her first bottle today – all 100mls – then slept it off in the sun with Mummy. For all her hard work she had two lovely
present for Daddy in her Nappy. Sara had to lock herself in the toilet because the mess Bella had made was making her laugh too much. I’m convinced she was smiling again… bloody wind.

Joe, Sara and Isabella, x


This morning the anaesthetist from the first night called in to see Sara. Again he was gob smacked at her improvement – we asked him to stay
and talk through his role on the night.

He said he arrived in the delivery unit with a complaint about trapped wind, and was hoping to dish out some ‘Gaviscon’ and move on.

Sara’s blood pressure was 60/30 which is bordering on coma (normal is 120/80) and meant she was bleeding internally. They rushed her into
theatre and didn’t realise the extent of the damage until they opened her up.   She had a massive amount of internal bleeding. He said that from the moment she entered the hospital they had a 30 minute window to try to save her and remove the baby. He said they hoped they could save one of them. He said that Sara’s basic survival instincts were incredible, and every moment they thought they were loosing her, she would fight back. Isabella seems to have adopted this gene, and also after being on life support made an incredibly speedy recovery.

Although again it was emotional to hear the detail, it’s helping Sara to understand what really happened over those first few days.

This afternoon was a lot more normal. We had lunch outside in the sun and had a very chilled out afternoon. Isabella was an extremely good
girl and just wee’d on Daddy once today. She also did her first ‘double nappy’
- poo’d straight into a clean nappy before I could even seal it up.

Joe, Sara and Isabella x


It was another exciting day at the hospital with my girls.

I arrived to Sara looking very tired. She said she couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed – it was so pleasing to have the old Sara back!
In the night Sara had changed her first nappy by herself. Isabella did not disappoint, she managed to wee all over Sara, the bed, the sheet, her baby grow – so a whole new change of all areas was needed. Then she poo’d in the new nappy – ‘I’ll put Mummy in at the deep end’, I suppose was her thinking!

The fact that she’s tired from all her walking and exercises in the night made me very happy. But she soon gathered herself and off to the
shower she went. They cut her medication in half today, and again she’s reacted really well.

We had a lovely afternoon out in the sun – we’ve found a new little quiet outside area in the hospital, with decking, chairs and little
ponds – really peaceful. We were joined by Ruth, Nanny, Eliana and Freya, so there were 6 ladies and me. Eliana came out with a classic line ‘Isabella is really little so she only drinks milk; When she’s bigger she’ll be allowed Polo’s'… absolutely priceless!

Joe, Sara and Isabella x


Sorry for the late post – but it’s for a good reason. They dared to use the ‘H’ word today… HOME!

After arriving later than usual at the hospital, I walked into Sara’s room with her looking very pleased with herself. The surgeon’s had
been round, and confirmed that the staples in her stomach could be removed. Even better the nurses had been to visit and removed the staples – relatively pain free. They then went on to say that once Sara’s pain relief was at a controllable level and Sara was happy – she could go home.

This was met with mixed emotions from the pair of us – obviously overjoyed, but also a little apprehensive about leaving the close
care and emergency aid. It didn’t take long to realise they wouldn’t discharge Sara unless she was ready, but also aware that Sara has to be comfortable with this too. We decided that it definitely wouldn’t be today – but maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

Isabella had a tough morning too. After one of the nurses expressed concern about her jaundice re-appearing, the evil paediatrician
returned to take more blood. After distracting her with some sugar solution they stabbed her in the heel and took, what seemed like a life time, a blood sample. The results came back well below concern levels, so that should be the last we’ll see of them.

Again we spent the afternoon in the sun. Isabella caught me out, with a out of routine afternoon poo. The emergency nappy changing kit came into action, and I changed her out side on the deck – good, efficient, clean job.
Sara again had to walk off as she thought it was hilarious!

The reason for the late post is that I’ve been frantically trying to sort the house out for my girls return. We all know it will be changed again once Sara is home and settled – and can start pointing and directing – I can’t wait!

Joe, Sara and Isabella x


What a day to remember. After a few meetings this morning I arrived at the hospital to a room full of nurses, and 1 small packed bag in the
corner… ‘I think its home time’ Sara said.

As usual it wasn’t that simple. We’ve been through hospital transfers before and know that ‘your ready to leave’ means 4-5 hours in
hospital language. So we set about tidying up the room and packing stuff away into bags.

As Isabella was previously in Special Care she had one last test to under go ‘the hearing test’. She had just fed so stayed asleep while
all sorts of clips and wires were attached to her head and ears. 2 minutes later she had passed and was presented with her first certificate!

I was slowly packing up the car and trying sort to out the car seat. Sara had a brief nap and at 2pm we had the thumbs up! They came in
with a sack full of medication – a concoction of 8 different pills, varying in amounts and regularity. Also a crate full of ‘Ensure’ the fibre protein shakes – the bane of Sara’s hospital stay. They seemed to have picked out all the worst flavours from Lemon and Lime to Peach.

We then did the rounds of the wards, gave gifts and offered thanks for all their sterling work… It was time to go!

With Isabella on my chest in the papoose and Sara walking by my side we left the hospital, got in the car and had a leisurely drive home. We
were smiling all the way back – what a perfect day for the occasion.

The cabin seemed so peaceful compared to the hospital – Sara instantly relaxed in her chair and Isabella seemed to follow suit. Isabella leaving
weight was 6lb 4oz, she’d put on 9oz in 2 weeks – she’s just had her biggest feed yet guzzling 120mls!

This will be my last post for a bit. My evenings now will be mostly made up of staring at my beautiful little girl and marvelling at what a
special wife I have.

Joe, Sara and Isabella x

Later that Evening 

Now that Sara is home we could really do with some family
time. If you’re planning on visiting, however short you think your visit might
be. Can you please wait until after the weekend and give me a call.

Sara is dying to show off her little girl, but she really
needs time to get used to being back at home and enjoying her baby.

Thank you,

Joe, Sara and Isabella x

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