Case 3 – Concoction Confusion

Donor – Stinky Pete

I had a chat with a friend of mine who attempted to give blood a few weeks ago.  However they wouldn’t let him donate because of the the ‘drugs’ he was taking at the time.  He explained to me that they were for a very personnal mental issue.  I obviously didn’t ask any more and just expressed my concern for a quick recovery, and said that once he had dealt with his problem maybe he could try again.



Case 2 – Rugby Rupture

Donor  – Michael Stubbs

When I went to give blood in Storrington, West Sussex I found that I couldn’t due to having a transfusion myself in 2002.  This transfusion was as a result of losing a kidney during a rugby match while playing for Ruthin Rugby Club Under 16′s.


Michael back playing rugby again after his horrific accident.



Case 1 – Primate Problems

Donor – Richard Benfield

Submission for the most unusual reason as to why someone was unable to give blood.So Mr Paul Hersey and I set off for the blood donor clinic after work last night.  We both cycled to the clinic and this immediately caused use to be placed in the ‘query/unsuitable’ bucket as we were both
first time donors/not donated for 10+ years and you are not supposed to perform any ‘streneous’ activities pre or post the blood being sucked out.



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Good morning everyone.  I just wanted to let you know how overwhelming all your support has been for Sara and Bella. Sara and Bella
now have a room together and fell asleep holding hands last night. (more…)

Sausage and Bacon – Round 5 (the hidden post!)

Round 4’s win was based on the combination of ‘surprise and baking’.  For what could be the final round I was ready to unleash a new component into the mix – ‘volume’.

THE PLAN… Once I’d secured the victory in Round – 4 I instantly started planning Round – 5.  It was time to take it up and notch and arrive all gun’s blazing.  It was time to call in a favour – the phone call… (more…)

Sausage and Bacon – Round 4

THE BRUNCH PLAN… With Sara’s appetite improving I knew there was a chance at a ‘second breakfast’ or ‘Brunch’ option.  With this option the element of surprise was strongly in my corner again, also with her appetite still being low it would guarantee a good feed for me.
However with the experience of the last few days I realised the element of surprise alone may not be enough.  Therefore I backed this up, as many do in a crisis, I baked! (more…)

Sausage and Bacon – Round 3

MONDAY EVENING… As I was leaving on Monday night I couldn’t stop thinking about the next morning’s breakfast…

I said ‘What would you like for breakfast?’
She said ‘I’m fine with weetabix, we’ve had a lot of fried breakfasts’ (more…)

Sausage and Bacon – Round 2

After spending most of the early hours preparing my strategy for today’s breakfast, I awoke with a focused goal and a clear mind.

THE PLAN… Go to the canteen before seeing Sara and order 2 sausage and bacon baps – hope she can only manage a half (as then its 1 and a half for me), but be pleased if she manages a whole bap as it means her appetite is improving. (more…)

Sausage and Bacon – Round 1

I asked Sara this morning if she wanted anything from the canteen…

She said ‘no I’m not really hungry’.

So I went down and brought up one bacon and sausage bap.

She said ‘what have you got there?’

I said ‘sausage and bacon’.

she said ‘oh yeah’.


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