At 11pm on the 12thMarch 2012, Sara Palmer was admitted to hospital suffering from chest pains. Unknown to us she had a haemangioma (tumour) on her liver which had haemorrhaged.  Sara was also 37 weeks pregnant.  The baby was delivered by emergency caesarean section at 12.35am on the 13thMarch.Sara had already lost a massive amount of blood internally, but somehow had managed to keep herself and her baby alive and reach the hospital. After 19 staff worked relentlessly for 8 hours in theatre, using 56 units of transfused blood, Sara was eventually classified as ‘stable’. Sara was then transferred to the liver specialist in Aintree Hospital, Liverpool for further surgery. Following another two operations Sara awoke from 36 hours under sedation to learn she had a baby girl.At 10.30pm on Thursday 15thMarch, Sara met her daughter, Isabella Eva, for the first time. Isabella had fought her own battle.  After being on a respirator and life support for the first 4 hours, she came round to make a full recovery. We hope this website and our story inspires you to give someone else the opportunity to live. Without Blood Donors and the amazing NHS staff we would not have a family.Please follow our links to donate blood, or support our cause through the other options on this site.


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